Driver medicals capability tests, also known as driver medicals, are designed to ascertain the level of ability someone undergoing occupational therapy has to operate a car. These kinds of tests are important in order to keep both the applicant and other road users safe from accidents that may be caused by the applicant’s injury or medical condition.

If you want to start a career as an occupational therapist who directs driver medicals, then there are some important traits you will need to have in order to be successful. The following will examine some of these important traits that you will need in order to be effective at this job.


Car ability

Of course, nobody is going to take you seriously as a provider of driver medicals if you don’t know a lot about driving yourself. Simply having a car licence isn’t enough to be a good test facilitator as you need to have an advanced understanding of road rules and proper procedure behind-the-wheel.

This will means that your family and friends generally regard you as competent behind-the-wheel. You need to have this level of confidence in you for people to trust you as a test facilitator.


Attention to detail

You also need to demonstrate attention to detail in order to be successful in providing driver medicals. It’s your job to take notes about the applicant’s ability and how much (if at all) their injury or condition is affecting their ability to safely operate the vehicle.

You will need to notice small things that the applicant does that other people wouldn’t notice that can have an impact on the safety. For example, you will need to pay attention to how often the applicant uses their mirrors while performing various manoeuvres during the driver medicals.


Empathy and respect

Because the person you are evaluating is suffering with a condition or injury, you obviously need to demonstrate patience, empathy and respect with them at all times. They may take longer to do things like get in and out of the vehicle as well as adjust their seating and you need to be patient/helpful with this process.

If the applicant sense hostility or frustration from you, they will feel worse about themselves than they already do because of their limitations. One of the most destructive things to someone’s self-esteem is when someone who is meant to be empathetic begins to show signs they are just as impatient as everyone else.


Teaching ability

As part of providing driver medicals you will also need to act as an instructor/teacher who leads the applicant through the exam. This means it is helpful for you have some prior experience with teaching people.


Is it for you?

Providing driver medical assessments is something that you should not attempt to do without thinking long and hard about it first. If you screw up while doing this job you can potentially put lives at risk and hurt someone’s self-esteem, potentially preventing them from attempting another evaluation and getting the approval they need.

Facilitating driver medical assessments can also be highly rewarding as a career, especially if you are someone who enjoys helping others. Hopefully this information in this article has given you the insight you need to make an informed decision about whether or not pursuing this career is right for you.