It’s unfortunate but true that’s often the case that family law firms in Sydney will see clients seeking out their second or even third lawyers. Working with law firms in Sydney can be a significant and costly investment which is why it’s important to do your research. Many clients will opt for the first business they come across and find themselves search for new representation after a short time when they become disenfranchised with their lawyers. So how do you find good family law firms in Sydney from the get-go? Here are some tips to tell the difference between good lawyers and bad.

Find a family law firms in Sydney skilled in the area you need

lawyers in an office

Don’t go for family law firms in Sydney that claim to do everything, look for professionals who specialize in dealing with legal issues similar to yours and who have a good track record. You should also avoid choosing legal professionals who claim to be able to both negotiate and litigate – ideally you should look for teams that offer both skills and who are knowledgeable in the area you need the most for your legal issue. Additionally, it is also very important to find professionals that specialize in the legal issues that you’re having – the legal field has many different specialties, and even within specific areas people can have their areas of focus. Talk to potential family law firms in Sydney about what their area of legal expertise is, do they specialize in divorce? Children’s custody issues? Prenuptial agreements? You should also speak to them about their knowledge of the Courts that you will be dealing with and how well they know the local mediators, counselors that will be involved in your case. You should check the admission date of the legal professions from law firms in Sydney that you plan to work with and ask questions about how long they have been working in the specific legal field that’s relevant to you – many professionals might claim more experience than they actually have.

Be wary of family law firms in Sydney that make claims about winning

When it comes to legal issues to do with divorce or children, there really shouldn’t be any ‘winning’ involved but rather trying to achieve the best outcome for everyone involved. Be wary of professionals who claim that they can help you win or who make promises. It’s better to look for professionals who don’t have a win or lose mindset and instead try and set reasonable expectations with you.

Speak to them on the phone before making an appointment

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Before you make an appointment to sit down with a lawyer to discuss your needs, make sure you speak to them on the phone. This is a quick way to determine if you like their style and can save you from wasting time and money on an in-person meeting. Have a quick phone conversation with anyone you plan to work with on legal issues as you’ll get a good sense for whether you feel comfortable with them. If you end up with someone you don’t feel comfortable with, don’t be afraid to find someone different – it’s important that you trust your lawyer.

Look for law firms in Sydney with multiple contacts

Having more than one point of contact is a good thing when working with legal businesses. It means you can expect faster responses and answers to your questions in a timely fashion. It also means any urgent matters will be deal with immediately and any problems will be looked after. Having more than one person to speak to is great as it means things will move along at a good pace – nothing will be put on hold for annual leave or missed.