The central coast region of New South Wales makes an excellent backdrop for your big day, full of beautiful scenery, great wine, excellent national parks, beaches, historical building and five star accommodations. There is an endless variety of options available for every couple to have the big day that they want, whether it be a beautiful vineyard wedding day, barefoot beach nuptials, or an elopement in a hot air balloon drifting over sprawling valleys.

There really is no better setting for the biggest day of your life. Most couples would agree that the memories taken from the day are priceless and finding the right Sydney wedding photographer is of the highest priority. So how do you find a great one?

Browse portfolios and social media

beach wedding prenup of bride and groom

Before you settle on the one for you make sure you do plenty of online research, not only on wedding photographers in Sydney and surrounding areas, but on industry blogs, pinterest and other sites for inspiration. There is a lot of variety in styles out there, it is an art after all that takes an incredible amount of skill and expertise. Different people have different wedding preferences, so look around and find what you want to see in your pictures of the day as it might affect who you choose to be your vendor for your big day. It may for example impact on whether you go with two camera shooters to get more angles, or choose someone who prefers a certain kind of lense or a more artsy, moody vibe.

Social media  is an excellent medium for finding up and coming talent and to get a sense of the personality of Sydney wedding photographers.

Find a list of people you like and start to short-list your top picks. Reach out as early as you can, because the best vendors will book out early and it’s not uncommon for Sydney wedding photographers to be booked out up to 12 months early.

Conduct interviews

It’s important you’re comfortable with your chosen vendors because they’re going to play a big role in a very important day. You should make sure you like and are comfortable with them, before paying a deposit or making any contractual commitments make sure you catch up with for a quick one on one chat, coffee date or skype call.

It’s really important that your personality meshes with them as you’ll need to interact with them all day long and regularly in the lead up to your nuptials.

If you have questions in mind, or a general outline of what your big day is going to look like then make sure you take time to talk through it with them. They need to know what the structure of the day is going to be so that they can offer their best recommendations.

Get recommendations

If you have friends or family that have gotten married in the area then ask them for their advice or recommendations. They’ll definitely remember who they picked for their day and will be able to tell you a lot more about what to expect from them, their professionalism and work ethic than a quick conversation ever could. Even if you’re not sold on their person from the day, they likely have their own shortlist that they can offer you advice on.

Check out their testimonials

Most Sydney wedding photographers have many glowing recommendations from happy couples that they can share with you, and might have even been featured on industry blogs. Check them out to see if they’re right for you!