Learning doesn’t always have to be boring. In fact, the most effective forms of learning often blend games with teaching. That isn’t to say that learning from a textbook, PowerPoint or a short documentary program doesn’t have any utility. The best forms of learning often blend multiple touchpoints and sources of engagement to provide an all-encompassing learning experience. If you want your children to get the most out of their schooling years, it’s certainly worthwhile investing in educational toys. Not convinced? Well, here are several ways your kids can benefit from educational toys and games.

Better problem-solving abilities

Firstly, educational toys can help your children to improve their problem-solving skills. It could be anything from board games to simple block-building exercises. Either way, these games can help your children to think outside the box and devise solutions to practical problems. When using building blocks or LEGO pieces, children can learn about the importance of symmetrical structures in maintaining balance.

Improve teamwork abilities

A lot of young children are shy and introverted. They are often nervous and scared without their parents, so those first few days at preschool can be quite challenging. This anxiety and sense of loneliness can quickly be diminished by making friends and learning to connect with others. Educational toys can be a good platform to build these social skills.

In a group setting, like a preschool or primary school classroom, it is important that children learn how to share, resolve disputes and compromise. This helps build respect and accountability. Children who are unwilling to share or compromise on certain issues often lack social skills later in life, making it more difficult for them to make friendships as teenagers and young adults.

Better academic performance

Every child learns in a different way. At the end of the day, some of us are visual learners, while others are simply more effective at absorbing facts, details and theories out of a textbook. If your child is someone that connects well with educational toys, you’ll likely see a direct improvement in their academic performance. Games that promote learning can help your child build skills, knowledge and techniques that can easily be applied to an exam or school-based assessment. Your child’s grades can easily improve while they are still having fun. It doesn’t always have to be hours of mind-numbing study.

Improved confidence

Children who are confident in their academic abilities are often very confident. They don’t feel overwhelmed when asked questions in the classroom and are willing to engage in learning activities. Educational toys can help your kids improve their intellectual capabilities, especially their cognitive skills. This in turn can help build their self-esteem and positive mindset. When your child engages with educational toys and games, there is a sense of reward when completed. This satisfaction can be very enriching and meaningful for the young child. Put simply, they have accomplished something, which has value in terms of their child’s ability to learn and develop.

Nurturing creative talents

Finally, educational toys can be a great stimulant of creative faculties in young children. How? Well, these games can help your children to recognise patterns and trends, which can help improve creativity. Furthermore, you want your children to feel comfortable exploring their imaginative skills. Artistic activities are great when it comes to tapping into those creative juices. Consider buying an easel, some art paper and some watercolour paints to help your kid understand colour schemes, along with different shades and tones.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it should be fun and exciting. So, make sure your children are enjoying their learning with some great games for both during and after school.